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Mount Sinai Heart Institute

Columbia University Divison of Cardiology

The Mount Sinai Heart Institute, a partnership with New York's Columbia University, combines the strengths of two proven leaders in cardiovascular care. Mount Sinai Medical Center is Florida's number one heart program. New York's Ivy League Columbia University is ranked among the nation's top vascular programs. Together, we offer the ultimate in world-class cardiac care to South Floridians and beyond. The expertise of our physicians and combined resources of two exceptional programs offers many benefits including:

  • Access to a vast base of academic knowledge, technology and research.

  • Increased opportunities for South Floridians to benefit from new cardiac devices and therapies.

  • Mount Sinai Heart Institute cardiac faculty members are full-time Columbia University faculty, able to draw upon the additional expertise of their colleagues.

  • Mount Sinai Heart Institute patients enjoy access to a variety of expanded clinical trials.

  • Mount Sinai Heart Institute serves as a home-away-from-home for New York patients who are South Florida winter residents and benefit from the seamless transfer of medical records.

  • Overall, the partnership enhances the quality of care available to South Floridians at the Mount Sinai Heart Institute, backed by the prestige of Columbia University in New York.

The Mount Sinai Heart Institute encompasses an extensive roster of top cardiac specialists. Click on the Our Physicians tab to learn more about our doctors.


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